How do you make your dog and boyfriend like each other?

    How do you make your dog and boyfriend like each other?

    It is not always that everyone likes each other. It happens that your boyfriend was easily accepted by your parents and the rest of the family, but the dog … did not appeal to you. What to do and how to avoid it?

    Choose wisely

    Not all people like dogs – you have to say it clearly. There are those who cannot stand their presence, those who barely tolerate them and their die-hard lovers. When choosing a partner, having a dog already has to be taken into account. If a candidate for boyfriend hates dogs, then the probability that life will pass smoothly is low.

    Use the small steps method

    Answer the question – is your dog well socialized? Did you meet him from the beginning with many new people and places? It depends on how it behaves when a new person suddenly appears in your environment. If this happens, don’t let too much happen at once. A dog is a perceptive creature – when he sees that a newly met boy comes to the house often and takes you with him for a long time, disconnecting from the dog who stays in the apartment, he probably will not look at him friendly. Everything must happen gradually. Dates – if possible – adjust your dog’s schedule so that they are not a surprise to him, and familiarize your boyfriend and pet slowly – even on shared walks.

    Get to know your dog

    Each dog is different and everyone will react differently to the change in life, which is the appearance of a new person with you. You must know your dog well to predict how he will behave. Timid animals that do not like guests will require taming for many weeks. Brave and confident quadrupeds will probably accept anyone who appears on the horizon. One meeting is enough for such animals to like a new man.

    Convince your dog with what he loves

    The path to most dogs heart is through … the stomach. If your pet belongs to this group, make the boy’s presence involve delicious treats for your pet. You can equip your partner with a packet of treats, which he will treat the dog whenever he visits you. Could the dog not like him? Do the same if the dog is a fan of other things – a toy lover your boyfriend can convince by coming with a ball or string, which he takes with him after the visit. Let cool gadgets always appear when your partner is nearby.

    Enchant dates

    If you want your dog and boy to become almost inseparable, enter your pet as a participant in your dates. It is known that you will not go to the cinema then, but you will discover a lot of less typical places, not worse. A trip to the lake, a picnic in the park, a walk in the woods, running together – these are dates that are possible with a dog, and alone … probably you would not go on such. Spending time together – even in the fresh air – will help everyone and make it easier to create a lasting relationship.

    Author: Aleksandra Więcławska


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