How do dogs choose their favorite person? We explain what they are guided by!

    How do dogs choose their favorite person? We explain what they are guided by!

    Probably everyone would like to be a dog’s favorite – but it is not always the main pet keeper. You raised him from a puppy, you look after him every day, feed him, go for walks, let you sleep in your bed, and when there is another household member in the room with you, does your pet behave as if you ceased to exist? Why does it seem that some dogs prefer one particular man over others? How do dogs choose their favorite person?

    Socialization matters

    For dogs, the key period of socialization lasts from birth to the age of six months. It is then that pooches are most strongly associated with the people who care for them and care for them. At this age, the pups’ brains are particularly sensitive to various stimuli, and their early social experiences affect the whole dog’s life. That is why it is so important to ensure that the puppy has positive interactions with many people, things and places. You can read more about proper socialization HERE.

    If your dog was already an adult when you adopted him, don’t worry – it’s not too late to become his favorite! While early experience is important, continuing socialization is also extremely important.

    The power of positive associations

    Why do we give treats to dogs during training? Thanks to this, positive associations develop with the execution of commands. When a person is a source of good things, a dog creates a bond with them. Therefore, the dog will love the one who is always eager to have fun together and gives a lot of favorite delicacies. Obviously, quadrupeds react badly to people with whom they have bad associations. Only positive associations lead to positive dog-human relationships.

    Bet on quality, not quantity

    Most dogs tend to bond with the person who gives them the most attention. You can go out with the dog for a walk and feed him, but if your partner – instead of you – devotes more time to the dog and shows positive feelings, then the animal can just favor him. For some dogs, not only the amount of attention counts, but also its quality. A half-hour walk is not the same for a dog as a half-hour session of interactive fun and learning with a person. In addition, dogs often choose a favorite man for similar energy. Like us, they are guided by choosing friends, a similar personality of a companion.

    How do dogs choose their favorite person?

    You don’t think you are a dog’s favorite and you would love to be one? Remember that you can always work on your relationship at any stage of your relationship. Allow at least 30 minutes for your dog every day. Spend this time on something active, e.g. playing fetching, training session or try a new sport together in which you will work together as a team. Utility tracking will be perfect!

    In fact, dogs are not very different from us. They want guardians to treat them with respect, interpret their body language correctly, devote attention and time to them in the way they expect it. You can be sure that they will not remain indifferent and will definitely repay you.


    Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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