Honey for the dog. Can a dog eat honey? We check!

Honey for the dog. Can a dog eat honey? We check!

Honey has many uses in home cooking. It is not only an excellent alternative to sugar – it can also be found in many recipes for meat dishes, casseroles, and even pizza. Dogs are also happy to lick a spoon dipped in honey … Only can a dog eat honey?

Why is honey healthy?

Honey is a completely natural delicacy. It is obtained directly from the bees, which process the flower nectar of honey plants and store it in the comb. After collecting the honey, it is not processed too intensively, thanks to which it retains its properties and unique, natural composition. It mainly contains carbohydrates – mainly glucose and fructose – and numerous essential oils responsible for its taste. Honey also contains natural pigments, including β-carotene and xanthophyll, which give it color and act as antioxidants. It also includes small amounts of vitamins A, C and B group, as well as minerals.

Honey is valued not only for its unique taste – it also has antibacterial properties. Thanks to them, it can support the treatment of cough and stop the development of caries, and is also an ingredient of many cosmetics applied to the skin. In addition, honey has a diuretic and calming effect and supports cardiovascular health. Is it also suitable for dogs?

Can a dog eat honey?

Small amounts of honey will not harm your pet. However, it cannot be given too much – 100 grams of honey contains over 300 calories! Honey is a source of energy that is absorbed extremely quickly by the body. So it can be used as a support for working or sports dogs, which often need an energy boost for further training. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, honey can help relieve the unpleasant symptoms of kennel cough in dogs and sore throat. A small addition of honey in a dog’s diet can also strengthen its immune system and enrich its food with valuable vitamins and minerals.

Honey given to dogs should be natural and ecological. A sweet, thick liquid can be an excellent ingredient in pet treats for a dog, and when added to the water, it will help to hydrate your pet, who avoids the bowl of water in hot weather.

What dogs should not be given honey?

Due to the huge amount of calories, honey should not be given to overweight dogs. Also, diabetic quadrupeds should stay away from him! Honey may also contain traces of botulinum toxins which will not harm an adult dog. However, they can cause serious problems in puppies that do not fully develop their immune systems.

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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