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Prices and organization of agility classes vary and depend on the club. That’s why you always have to find out in a particular nursery. In some clubs you can pay for a single training, in others – only the entire course. In some schools, paying club memberships entitles you to use the track, but there are those where you must complete at least a basic course to become a member.

Schools also introduce various discounts, for example for subsequent dogs of the same owner, for people who moved to a higher category (A2, A3) or for those who compete in school colors. It also happens that schools do not charge fees for classes at all, but this usually applies to those that are able to pay for the area and equipment with money earned otherwise. Some agility sections operating at the cynological association also waive fees, but you must be a member to use free classes.

Other clubs are forced to charge even minimal fees for their own maintenance. Addresses of Polish agality centers can be found on the internet. Links to many agility clubs are also on the Polish Agality Portal

How much it costs?

  • Single training (2-4 hours, depending on the number of dogs): PLN 10
  • Course (8-10 classes): 100-200 PLN
  • Club fee (annual): PLN 50-200
  • Club fee (monthly): PLN 10-50

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