Feeding dogs of large breeds – that is michael for the giant

Feeding dogs of large breeds - that is michael for the giant

She was once heard by a German dog keeper on a walk. And then she had another dog of this breed at home … Does a big dog really have to eat a lot? Certainly more than small. Feeding dogs of large breeds such as dog will therefore be more expensive than feeding York. However, even a dog doesn’t eat as much as you might think.

How much karma

For dogs weighing over 25 kg, it is best to give dry foods for large and giant breeds. They are composed to contain as many valuable ingredients as possible in a relatively small amount. Thanks to this, the dog does not have to get a few kilograms of food per day, but only the amount in a few glasses.

Buy or cook?

Half a kilo of dry food is about the same as 2 liters of cooked food! But not only because owners often decide to feed large breed dogs with ready-made food. It is difficult to provide all the ingredients for big dogs. You need to take care of a large body that can only support fit joints, strong bones and muscles.

What’s on the menu?

Feeding dogs of large breeds requires ingredients that are necessary for their proper development. The most important of them, which should be found in food for a dog or German Shepherd, are good quality protein and fat, carbohydrates, omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins, macro- and microelements. Homemade food should consist of 1/3 of filler (rice, millet or barley, pasta, oatmeal), 1/3 of meat (beef, veal, poultry, fish) and 1/3 of vegetables with a small addition fruit (carrot, beetroot, apple).

Once a week, we can serve a meal without meat – for example, rice with white cheese and banana or oatmeal cooked in water with apple and natural yogurt or millet with hard-boiled egg and boiled carrot.

When it comes to supplements (e.g. joint support) that should be added to home food, this should be consulted with a veterinarian, as dogs of large breeds can be easily harmed.

What to do if a giant is too fat?

We usually think that a large dog must eat properly. As far as decent value means everything is fine, but if we mean quantity, it is a simple way to overweight and even obesity. Especially since large breeds usually have a huge appetite.

To slim down the dog, let’s reach for a light food, which should have about 10% fat, and carefully watch the portion, giving up snacks and treats between meals. In addition, let’s provide the dog with more movement, but rather in the form of long walks, than running behind the ball or training on an obstacle course.

Big matters, or feeding dogs of large breeds

Caring for a large dog raises a lot of questions: what to feed him, how often. To help you, we answer them!

How many times a day to feed a giant?

Large breeds, when they are still young, we feed 4-5 times a day to reduce the number of meals to 3-4 around the age of 6 months. When the pooch is a year old, we can start giving him 2 meals a day (the daily dose recommended by the feed manufacturer is divided in half) and thus feed him for the rest of his life. We can also stay with 3 smaller meals. Note: 1 meal a day is not enough!

What are the costs of feeding a large dog?

If you are planning to become the guardians of the grandpa, it is better to check first how much it will cost to feed him. While the dachshund owners spend PLN 50-60 per month on their food, Labrador carers at least twice as much. For example: a weighing 33 kg lab eats 12 kg of dry food for a month. The good quality costs PLN 100-150. We can give the dog cooked food, but the costs will not be lower and may even increase.

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Is it true that large breeds are at risk of a stomach twist?

Yes. And nobody knows exactly what influences it. It is only known that it is possible to reduce the likelihood of getting sick. How? Do not overfeed the dog and allow him to rest after a meal (at least an hour). Also, do not feed a tired pet. Let’s serve meals at regular times, let’s put on good quality foods that swell less in the stomach.

Why can’t all big dogs be fed the same?

The sporty silhouette of the boxer is significantly different from the massive body of the Labrador. The Afghan Hound is also completely different compared to Newfoundland. More stable dogs should be fed with food with lower fat content, because with less sporty lifestyle it is more difficult for them to burn it. Many giant breeds also have a sensitive digestive tract.

Consultation: medicine. Vet. Dorota Cyprus
Author: Aleksandra Więcławska


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