Don’t do this dog! Here are our behaviors that dogs hate

    Don't do this dog! Here are our behaviors that dogs hate

    Dogs forgive us a lot of mistakes and are patient with us. As responsible caretakers of pets, we should first of all learn the dog’s language and communicate with them in such a way as to understand each other. Most human behaviors that express love can be interpreted differently by dogs. Which of us doesn’t like to hug? And dogs do not necessarily like it … For a dog when you hug you are like a boa constrictor who should be freed quickly. Yes, if you do it to your dog with whom you have a good relationship, he will tolerate it because he knows he can trust you. But you should never hug a foreign dog! Of course, there are some quadrupeds that love it, but these are rather exceptions. Check what dogs hate and what people often do to them.

    You use too many words and not enough gestures

    We humans use verbal communication among ourselves. Therefore, it is not surprising that we also communicate with our pets using words – and very well! However, we must remember that most of the animals do not understand what we are talking about them. Yes, dogs can learn commands and even over 100 words, but they are unable to understand our language. Instead, they are experts in reading human body language and are able to understand what you think and feel before you really realize it. Dogs are great watchers! However, if we do not pay too much attention to our attitude, but only to the words we say, then we can send contradictory signals to the animal. For example, when you say „stay” and at the same time leaning towards the dog and extending your hand, you are really asking your body language to come to you. The worst thing is that often the dog is reprimanded for not following your instructions. You are going to get lost in this, right?

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    You touch strange dogs, though uncomfortable for them

    What do dogs hate? At least most of them? Touching on the head. Do you like to be patted on the head? We dare not think so. Most people think that dogs like to be stroked in this area. Yes, many of them patiently endure and tolerate such „caresses” if someone who they know and trust does, but most quadrupeds don’t really like it. Especially if stroking is not predictable for the animal. You may even notice that when your hands are close to the dog’s head, the animal is trying to tilt it slightly. Want to pat the dog you just met? Until you get to know him better, start with „safe zones” – for example, by touching the animal’s side. And it’s best when you ask your guardian at all if you can pet your dog.

    You stare hard into the dog’s eyes

    For us – people – eye contact during conversation is extremely important. It is worth knowing, however, that gazing into the dog’s eyes can cause him anxiety, discomfort and even unhealthy agitation. Think about how you would feel if a stranger persisted in eye contact with you while still getting closer to you. What are his intentions about you? Exactly! To find out, you need to look for clues by reading the rest of the face. Same with your dog. When you stare into the dog’s eyes, you may notice that the animal looks away, falls on its back, or begins to step back and bark. Either way, for most dogs, eye contact with someone they don’t know is a comfortable situation.

    So when your dog doesn’t know you, he can interpret your eyesight as a challenge or threat. Therefore, avoid looking into the eyes of dogs you don’t know!

    You walk for yourself (just faster), not for a dog

    The walk is uneven. It is important to teach the dog to walk on a leash so that you and your child can stroll nicely. No unnecessary struggle. But it is also important to let the dog explore the surroundings while walking. Dogs collect information about the world and interpret it through smells. For them, a walk with a lot of sniffing, and by the way, and marking, is like our use of social media. Thanks to this, quadrupeds can check what is happening with other dog companions. And when you pull the dog towards you, it’s like someone turned off your computer while viewing the message. In addition, caregivers too often focus only on the fact that the dog will only take care of its physiological needs on a walk. We are still walking one and the same route, too hurry to go home.

    You don’t consider a different point of view

    Dogs hate it when you tease them. Well, this should be obvious, but still too many people do dogs some things, considering them ridiculous. Meanwhile, these things are not funny, and certainly not from a dog’s point of view. Examples? Do not pull the dog by the tail. Are you passing your pet on the street? Don’t bark to him. Or is it a dog barking at you that is outside the window or door? So don’t tease him by waving at him or yelling at him. There are many more of these offenses, but the conclusion is one: do not do to the dog what is unpleasant to you. Do not do something that you think is ridiculous and your dog can only be annoyed and, as a consequence, lead to serious behavioral problems of the animal or … loss of your finger. In the end, you kind of asked for it.

    You are irresponsible

    Of all these things, this is the worst for dogs. In life it varies and sometimes caregivers are forced to part with their pet. Abandoning a dog in a shelter or – even worse – throwing it away and leaving it to fate, e.g. in the forest, because the dog has become a problem for us during holiday trips, is unforgivable. „You become forever responsible for what you have tamed” – that’s why before you decide on a dog, remember to think carefully about this decision. A dog is a living being who feels and becomes attached to his guardian. What’s more, she is completely dependent on him.

    And these are just a few behaviors of people whose dogs hate. What else do you know?

    Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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