„Dog in the Crown” – a cousin to a cousin comes to the rescue!


    During the COVID-19 pandemic in our country, walking the dog is a challenge for some. Elderly people, parents of young children or even people who have a cold for fear of infection limit walking with an animal to an absolute minimum. On the other hand, people covered by forced quarantine cannot leave the threshold of the house, even on a quick dog pee. It is to such guardians that the „Dog in the Crown” action, which is help for dog lovers, comes to the rescue!

    „Dog in the Crown” will come out with your pet!

    Facebook group „Dog in the Crown„Was founded on the initiative of several dog lovers who feel the need to help other dog keepers. Thanks to it, people who have problems with taking their pupil out can find someone who will take their pet for a walk for free. All they have to do is write a hashtag # looking for a post in which they will describe their problem and indicate in which city they are. The group also allows you to post messages from people ready to help others. Whether in the form of walks or even temporary detention of a sick person’s pooch.

    themyou are forcibly quarantined or subject to self-isolation, you are afraid to leave the house, you have a cold, sick, disabled, you have a small child and no hands to help, but you have a dog or other pet – DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. You want and you can HELP walk the dog or take over the temporary care of the animal – write! – they write in the description of the group of the founders of „Dog in the Crown”.

    dog in the crown
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    Where’s the security?

    The group’s administrators make every effort to ensure that helping in walks is as safe as possible for both the volunteer and guardian of the dog, as well as the pet. „The Dog in the Crown” already in the description of the group indicates that when deciding on such help, we must remember the basic principles.

    • It is important that when passing the dog there is no contact between the quarantined or self-insulated person and the person who walks the dog.
    • It’s best to put a dog outside the door with the collar on and a leash attached to it.
    • The person walking the dog should not touch the leash, collar and the dog itself.
    • It’s best to put on disposable gloves.
    • Tying a YELLOW RIBBON on a leash is a good idea. This is a sign for other people walking with dogs, so that they do not approach – it is not about the risk of infection, but about the information that the dog is not ours and may not feel comfortable in contact with dogs, without the presence of its owner.
    • Perhaps a good solution is to give your dog to family or friends under temporary care during quarantine or self-isolation.

    „Dog in the Crown” – an inimitable initiative

    The Group makes every effort to publicize this initiative as much as possible. They even created posters informing about the action that can be printed and hung in the staircase or post office.

    dog in the crown
    source: www.facebook.com/groups/654422091958462/

    The originators are asking not to create more groups to help with walks. They believe that gathering all information and announcements in one place is the best way to make their activities more effective. However, they recommend sharing information about their initiative and reporting to help other dog lovers.

    We want people seeking help to know immediately where to look for it, which is why we put a lot of work into promoting our group, contact with the media, etc. We do not support creating more groups on this topic. Reproduction of this initiative, despite good intentions, will be counterproductive. It will cause confusion, a person seeking support will get lost in a maze of similar groups, and duplication of the same posts will make it difficult to find real help. If you want to support us, share our group or graphics available on the Internet about the absence of a virus threat from animals – they write in the description of the group the founders of „Dog in the Crown”.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a good idea to secure your pets in advance in the event of quarantine or hospitalization. One way is to contact family or friends who will look after the pooch if necessary. However, if we don’t have anyone who would welcome our pupil for a few weeks, let’s use the help of the „Dog in the Crown” group.

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