Dog breeds with blue eyes. They will captivate you!

Dog breeds with blue eyes. They will captivate you!

Although blue is the coldest of the colors, it does thrill. I do not know a person who would pass indifferently by a dog staring at her with blue eyes. Is it because of the charm? Probably also, but blue dog eyes, often looking as if someone had put glass balls in the eye sockets, can hypnotize. My Weimaraner was a beloved edelweiss with amber eyes, but I still remember this magical look from the period of puppyhood, when his eyes were the color of the blue sky. Some dog breeds have blue eyes because of the duplication of the gene responsible for the development of vision and hearing by scientists. And in this group are weimar and husky.

But most blue-eyed dogs are mostly marbled, for which the merle gene is responsible. It causes a random brightening of the basic coat, i.e. black or chocolate. Interestingly, there are no two the same marbles (in addition, this variety also applies to the eyes), because for each of them the distribution of patches is unique. If someone took a brush and splashed paint with a dog, then they could create another marbled dog with such eyes: two blue, one blue and the other brown, half blue, mottled, spotted, brown. In addition to the breeds described next, such eyes may have marbled Scottish Sheepdogs, long-haired and short-haired dachshunds or German Great Dane. If there are lovers of blue-eyed beauties here, I invite them to a nearby hostel. There also such animals are waiting for home. And although the blue eyes are cold as ice, the hearts of these quadrupeds beat the hottest.

1. Welsh corgi cardigan

Once, this small dog with many dachshund features was used to herd cattle. Today it is usually a family dog. Distrustful in relations with strangers. Among his sympathetic, joyful, while constantly on the move. He is very attached to his family, especially to his master. Children are always handled with care.

He learns quickly and willingly, but imperceptibly he can also quickly acquire bad habits. Alert, timid, quite barking, will work as a guardian. Very durable, a companion during long trips, he can even practice canicross. He hates inaction, which helps to maintain adequate weight – dogs of this breed tend to gain weight. Marbled individuals with the merle gene may have different eye colors: blue, spotty, speckled or brown.

  • Size: small dog, 30 cm
  • Ointment: all ointments are acceptable
  • Length of life: 15-17 years old
  • Maintenance costs: PLN 150-200 per month
  • Price of a dog with FCI pedigree: 2500-3000 PLN
  • Country of origin: Great Britain

2. Siberian husky

Representatives of this breed of dogs are the stars of sled racing, both those with sleighs and three-wheeled prams, and also delight with their unique beauty and magical blue eyes. Their friendly, joyful disposition and good relations with children contributed to the great popularity of this breed. Haszczaki are great as family dogs, but it’s worth knowing that their cleverness, curiosity about the world and sports spirit often cause escapes.

In the city, a dog of this breed must be led on a leash. It requires not only regular walks, but also additional activities such as jogging or trot by bicycle. It also works in many dog ​​sports. He is alert, but too gentle to act as a guardian. Intelligent but independent – it is not easy to obey him.

the husky lies on the grass
photo: Shutterstock
  • Size: medium dog, 51-60 cm long
  • Ointment: all colors are allowed
  • Length of life: 13-15 years
  • Maintenance costs: PLN 150-250 per month
  • Price of a dog with FCI pedigree: 2000-5000 PLN
  • Country of origin: United States

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3. Australian Shepherd

Aussie is an intelligent and versatile dog that needs a lot of activity, with the instinct of both the shepherd and the guardian encoded in the genes, which explains that he can be barking. He has the reputation of the most moulting breed, but it does not require frequent bathing – his coat is self-cleaning. Rather friendly and trusting, contact with people is most important to him – he often follows him like a shadow. He likes to play with children, willingly befriends another dog or even a cat.

It draws attention with its original beauty, especially in marbled color. Each marble has a unique patch pattern, including eyes. They can be blue, one blue and the other brown, half blue, speckled, spotted and brown. The color of the eyes made the Indians give the breed the name of ghost dogs.

  • Size: medium dog, 46-58 cm long
  • Ointment: blue marbled, black, chocolate marbled, chocolate with white markings
    or without them
  • Length of life: 14 years
  • Maintenance costs: PLN 100-130 per month
  • Price of a dog with FCI pedigree: 3000-4000 PLN
  • Country of origin: United States

4. Border collie

You won’t be bored with this dog. Gifted with exceptional temperament, intelligence and a desire to work, he will constantly expect some tasks. He quickly understands what is required of him. But you need to mute him from the puppy, because he is very excitable. Left alone at home, he can find a variety of activities, sometimes wreaking havoc. Absolutely devoted guardian.

Very sociable, caring and patient with children. Exuberant towards strangers. Fast, with a developed sense of observation and enthusiasm for cooperation, he is great at dog sports such as agility, flyball or frisbee. Because of the ease with which he learns, he often appears in commercials and movies. Marbled dog breeds delight not only with their overall appearance, but also with their blue eyes.

marbled border collie
photo: Shutterstock
  • Size: medium dog; 53 cm male, smaller bitch
  • Ointment: all ointments are acceptable
  • Length of life: 13-15 years
  • Maintenance costs: approx. PLN 150 per month
  • Price of a dog with FCI pedigree: 2500-3500 PLN
  • Country of origin: Great Britain

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5. Catahoula leopard dog

A dog created for work, brave, confident, full of energy, but balanced. He has a strong herding and hunting instinct. Distrustful of strangers, not only warns, but also the jam of the terrain weapons and guardian. He learns quickly, has excellent memory, but can be stubborn. He likes to be in the spotlight and perform tasks that will please his man. If he is not provided with classes, he may become unbearable and destroy what will come under his mouth.

Properly raised, he is a dedicated family member, caring for children. Suitable for experienced and consistent person. The eyes of individuals with a marbled ointment have any colors, but these beautiful blue ones can hypnotize many a time. The lover of this breed was the President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt.

  • Size: large dog, 51-66 cm long
  • Ointment: black, chocolate, blue-marbled, chocolate-marbled, red, brindle; arson and white markings are common; acceptable spotted coat with a predominance of white
  • Length of life: 12-13 years old
    Cost of living: PLN 150-200 per month
  • Dog price: 700-1500 euros
  • Country of origin: United States
Author: Paulina Król


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