Does your dog destroy the lair? We know why he does it!

Does your dog destroy the lair? We know why he does it!

Puppies get to know the world through biting. Over time, however, they learn that you can’t bite certain things. What if your pet’s potential „victim” is his own lair? This is undoubtedly a sign for the dog’s guardian that it should start working. So what to do when a dog destroys a lair?

Understand … the cause

Watch your dog. You can also keep a diary in which you’ll write down your pet’s destructive behavior, such as biting or scratching. Carefully observe under what circumstances your dog destroys its lair. If you only do damage when you leave the house, it is likely that the animal is suffering from separation anxiety. If you have more dogs in your home, a quadruped can destroy its bedding, because in this way it wants to get your attention. However, if nothing happens around you probably do it because you are bored. On the other hand, a teething puppy will bite a variety of things – including his bedding – if you don’t provide him with special teethers.

The dog destroys its lair due to boredom or teething

Dogs that do not have sufficient physical and mental stimulation are simply bored, and this is the first step to destructive behavior. Provide your pet with several chewing toys. Thanks to this, you will give him a great outlet for boredom and the need for biting. It is important that the dog has his toys available at all times. Thanks to this, whenever he wants to take care of something or unload emotions, he will be able to reach for something that is really suitable for chewing.

Lay the chew toys in the dog’s bedding. Don’t praise him every time he bites toys. If at some point the dog begins to bite the lair, immediately stop praising him and encourage him to take care of the toys. Under no circumstances shout at the dog! In a positive way show him that biting the bed does not bring any benefits, and biting toys is a good pastime.

You must be consistent. Watch the dog regularly. After some time, your dog will learn that when he bites toys, he can count on you for praise or delicacy, and when chewing the lair – no.

The dog destroys its lair due to separation anxiety

It may turn out that your dog destroys the lair only when he is alone at home. This means that he has a problem with emotions and cannot cope with the situation of loneliness. It relieves tension by biting the den because it is just nearby. Or maybe there is nothing else within the mouth? Then it is worth to bet on natural teethers and kongi filled with wet food, which we will leave to the dog during our absence. If this does not help, you should consult a behaviorist.

Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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