Does dog pain resistance depend on the breed?

Does dog pain resistance depend on the breed?

In humans, pain resistance is a very individual matter. It depends not only on age or sex – in some people, a simple injection can be associated with tremendous pain, while for others, even a finger punch will not make a big impression. And what does it look like in dogs?

Pain resistance in dogs

People with many years of experience in working with various quadrupeds often say that different breeds have different pain resistance. These differences would be due to their original purpose. Breeds created for guarding, fighting or attacking animals during hunting should be characterized by exceptional resistance – otherwise they would not perform the tasks entrusted to them so effectively. However, in dogs bred to herd animals or couch pets, this feature never played a major role. However, such statements are purely theory. Does it have confirmation in practice?

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Pain resistance – how to check it?

Testing canine sensitivity by inflicting pain on them during experiments would be extremely inhumane. That’s why scientists from North Carolina came up with another way to check it. They created an online survey, which they asked veterinarians to complete – a group that has daily contact with dogs suffering from various pain. Specialists were asked to assess pain sensitivity in 28 dog breeds. The same survey was also made available to ordinary dog ​​carers to examine their views on pain in quadrupeds.

Which dogs have the best pain resistance?

The answers of people without specialized education have clearly shown that according to the average person, the dog’s pain resistance is related to its size – the larger the pooch, the less sensitive he should be to pain. In addition, according to the collected information, breeds considered to be dangerous (such as amstaff, rottweiler or German Shepherd) are perceived by people as very resistant. However, it turns out that practicing veterinarians have a completely different opinion on this subject!

According to veterinarians, the most sensitive breeds include: chihuahuas, Maltese, husky, dachshunds, pomeranian, German shepherd dogs and whippets. Schnauzers, samoyeds, pugs, Weimaraner, cavaliers, Boston terriers and greyhounds were also below-average resistance. The pain was better with jack russell terriers, chow-chow, gordon setters, border collies, rhodesians, German dogs and Dobermans. In contrast, boxers, bulldogs, rottweilers, labradors, mastiffs, golden retrievers and amstaffs show the greatest pain resistance in veterinary practices.

What determines dog’s pain resistance?

Answers from veterinarians show that pain tolerance does not necessarily depend on the size of a quadruped. Among the most sensitive dogs were primarily breeds bred for companionship. Dogs used for hunting, fighting and guarding proved to be the most resistant. Therefore, one may be tempted to say that pain resistance is closely related to the original destiny of the breed and is transmitted in the genes!

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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