Do you want to go with your dog to the cafe? You must remember about this!

    Do you want to go with your dog to the cafe? You must remember about this!

    Going to a cafe with your dog can be a great way to spend time with your pet and friends. It is also a good opportunity to socialize the pooch. However, not every pet will find itself in a crowded place full of strangers …

    With the dog to the cafe? Why not!

    The presence of dogs is increasingly accepted in public places. Man’s four-legged friends can already enter numerous shops, some shopping centers, and even restaurants and cafes. When going to such places with a pet, we must remember a few important rules.

    Excuse me, can you come here with your dog?

    Pesky spots are multiplying at a surprising pace! Still, not every place allows dog keepers to enter with a pet. Therefore, when planning to go with the dog to the cafe, we cannot assume in advance that our pet will be welcome there. So it is worth checking, for example on the website or Facebook fanpage of the selected place, before leaving the house, whether it is a dog-friendly place. If we do not find such information on the Internet, we can always call or go ahead without a pet and ask the staff about their attitude towards dogs.

    Reconnaissance is the key!

    An earlier visit without a dog is also a good opportunity to check how many people are at a given time in the premises chosen by us. Not every doggie will feel good in the crowd of guests constantly accosting him or running children. For a visit with a dog in a cafe, at least the first one, we should choose the time with the fewest people. Thanks to this, we will not throw a pooch into deep water immediately.

    Leave it, don’t harass!

    Remember that other people are also staying in the restaurant or cafe. And not everyone has to like dogs! Therefore, it is best to keep your pet on a leash and close to you. However, it is better not to tie it to the table leg – a strong jerk may knock it over. The guardian of the dog should also be careful that the quadruped does not accost people passing by and does not step under the waiters’ feet. Spilling with hot coffee can be a significant trauma for a pet! When going to a cafe with your dog, it is best to choose a table in the corner of the restaurant or garden – thanks to this, the pooch will have more space for himself.

    The dog must have fun too!

    Going to a cafe or restaurant must also be pleasant for the pet. That is why it is worth making every effort to make him feel safe there and have an interesting job. Taking the beloved blanket and some of the pet’s favorite toys from the house will certainly allow him to find himself in a strange place faster. So that the pooch is not bored, we can take a congo filled with pate from the house, which will take him for a long time. However, we should not give him smelly chews in a restaurant – rumen smells or dried skin will make many guests nauseous …

    With the dog to the cafe? Yes, but not with everyone!

    In places such as a cafe, shopping mall or bar, not all dogs will feel well. Dogs that are afraid of strangers, get excited easily, cannot sit still or hate noise will prefer to spend this time on a relaxing walk outside the city. We should not take very voracious dogs to places where there is food on the tables. They may beg from other guests and get frustrated by their refusal. When going to the cafe with the dog, we must also remember that in a dog-loving place, our pet will not always be the only pet. So if he doesn’t feel comfortable around other dogs, he’d better stay at home!

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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