Do you want to go with the dog to the mountains? You must remember that!

    Do you want to go with the dog to the mountains? You must remember that!

    A trip with a dog to the mountains is a great opportunity to admire the beauty of nature with your beloved quadruped at your side. Provided that he will be prepared for it and we will plan the whole trip well. How to choose a route, equipment and how to ensure that such a holiday will be pure pleasure for a pet?

    Before you go to the mountains with your dog

    Make sure your student can handle a longer trip in a more difficult terrain. A mountain walk of several kilometers can be too burdensome for puppies, older dogs and animals suffering from various diseases, such as degeneration of joints or obesity. Expedition can also be a problem for pooches with a flat muzzle, which, even on a cold day, cannot tolerate intense effort. Therefore, before you decide to go with the dog to the mountains, check how your quadruped is doing on longer walks. To build a good condition for your pet, start with short walks in easy terrain, and then gradually lengthen them. Remember that mountain climbing is more burdensome for a dog than running in a meadow!

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    Choose the right route

    There is nothing worse than getting lost in the mountains with a dog. Tired of quadrupeds circling around, may refuse to continue walking. Losing the trail will also take away your chances of help if any of you has an accident. Going with the dog to the mountains, we should especially take care of your safety and choose only easier, well-marked trails. Also get a map and make sure you have a full battery on your phone. Wary always safe!

    Check the weather

    Every fan of mountain expeditions knows the importance of weather conditions. Taking the quadruped with us, we must also pay attention to the temperature. When planning to go on a mountain trail, we should choose slightly cooler days. Even well-tolerated temperatures combined with high effort can cause a heat stroke in a dog. If it gets hot during the journey, it is worth stopping with the pooch in the nearest shelter and taking a break to rest.

    Get the right equipment

    Going to the mountains with a dog, we must ensure not only the safety of the pet, but also its comfort. The best choice will be well-chosen braces that will not constrain the quadruped’s movements and which will be strong enough to allow us to hold the dog and pick it up if he has a problem to jump somewhere. Do not wear a chainmail dog, a choke or a halter! If on the trail chosen by us dogs have to be led on a leash, the hip belt and leash with shock absorber will be the most convenient for us. This solution will make both hands free and we will not feel the dog jerks so much. For longer trips it is also worth putting on a dog’s shoes that will protect the pads of his paws from abrasions and cuts. Take a first aid kit and a large water supply with you. Make sure your pooch has a chip and a readable address.

    Remember the mountain label

    When taking your dog to the mountains, you must ensure that it is not burdensome to others. If possible, try not to choose the busiest routes and rush hour. If you are unable to avoid them, lead the dog on a leash and make sure it does not catch people you pass by. If you are approaching from behind, speak and inform that you have a quadruped with you. Also approaching the bend on the trail is worth shouting and let you know that you are walking with the dog. Thanks to this, you can avoid meeting face to face with another animal and you won’t scare other walkers.

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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