Do you love your pet? Take care of him!

    Do you love your pet? Take care of him!

    Educational campaign „Take care of Pupila. Health and Care „is published under the patronage of the Polish Association of Veterinary Doctors of Small Animals, the Polish Society of Veterinary Sciences and the” Na Paluchu „Shelter.

    Among the topics discussed, there will be answers to the following questions:

    • Can a dog be allergic?
    • How to responsibly treat atopic dermatitis in our pets?
    • How to take care of our pooch’s teeth?
    • Why can steroids be dangerous for our dogs with allergies?
    • How can you help animals during a pandemic and is loving a pet also a commitment?
    • What is conscious adoption?
    • Is a clean house with a pet even possible?

    Educational campaign „Take care of Pupila. Health and care ”in Gazeta Wyborcza

    The campaign is launched as a special supplement in Gazeta Wyborcza on September 26. There will also be an online version on and on portals and events dealing with the subject of health and pet care.

    As part of the campaign „Take care of Pupila. Health and Care ”, together with Experts and Partners, we introduce not only the most important aspects in the context of caring for our four-legged friends, but also everyday sharing of life and couches with them. We emphasize once again that the dog, by giving us a lot of selfless love, requires us not only to reciprocate, but also to take great responsibility for his health and life – adds Joanna Myrcha, Managing Director, The Point.

    Campaign articles:

    • About caring for a pregnant pet says prof. dr hab. Wojciech Niżański, President of the Polish Association of Small Animal Veterinarians, Department of Reproduction, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences.
    • The oral hygiene of our animals is very important for the health of pets. How to properly take care of it, responds on behalf of the Polish Scientific Society, MD. vet. Katarzyna Różycka.
    • About 10 commitments to the environment and animals we talk to Pupil with PURINA® representatives.
    • On the topic of modern ways to keep your home clean we talk with Piotr Ossoliński, Sales Director of Robert Thomas.
    • We advise how to consciously treat atopic dermatitis in animals and why steroid treatment can prove fatal.
    • On the subject of Maxi ZOO Wojciech Kamiński speaks as a group focused not only on business, but also on animal welfare.
    • On the extremely important, informed adoption, especially in times of a pandemic – Henryk Strzelczyk, director of the „Na Paluchu” Shelter.

    Main Content Partners of the campaign: Polish Association of Small Animal Veterinarians, Polish Society of Veterinary Sciences, „Na Paluchu” Shelter and Animal Clinic.

    Media Partners: Animal Day’s, Wamiz,,,, Fajny Zwierzak, Co w Sierści Piszczy, Wroclove Zoological Fair.

    Thanks to the Partners: Robert Thomas, PURINA, Maxi ZOO and Zoetis.


    The latest issue of “Zadbaj o Pupila. Health and care „you will find, by clicking on this link.

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