Do dogs really need a lot of dog mates?

Do dogs really need a lot of dog mates?

Anyone who has read a bit about domestic pets knows that dogs are a social species. To be fully happy, they need not only a full bowl and a loving caregiver, but also meetings with other, friendly dogs. However, does every dog ​​need a lot of dog mates? How many fun companions is really enough for our pet?

Are dog relationships with dogs similar to ours?

Each of us has several types of friends – closer and more distant. For many of us, the closest is undoubtedly the family, and more specifically the household with whom we see and talk every day. We know these people almost „inside out” and most often it is with them that we feel most at ease. Friends are also extremely important to us – those with whom we share our best moments, have the best fun with them and with whom we want to meet as often as possible.

But that’s not all! Each of us also has other friends, colleagues from work, from school with whom he likes to spend time occasionally and people whom he simply associates by sight – a neighbor in the apartment next door, a lady from the kiosk … Contact with these people is usually limited to saying hello, possibly a short chat „by the way”.

How many dog ​​mates should your dog have?

Dog relationships with other quadrupeds are not that different from human relationships. Most of our pupils need contact with individuals of their species and such meetings usually bring them joy. Of course, not all dogs will feel comfortable in the company of other pets – such quadrupeds should not be persuaded to contact with others! However, by observing the relationship of a typical, social dog with other pets, we can notice that it develops various relationships with them.


Four-legged dogs sharing a house with other dogs usually get along best with their „siblings”. Being at home together, sharing space and resources can sometimes lead to minor tensions … But who of us has never argued with our siblings? Dogs living under one roof, in the event of a conflict with the dogs they meet on a walk, usually stand behind each other and help each other, for example, by chasing away pushy runners. It is known, however, that not every pooch will feel comfortable in a huge dog family. Therefore, bringing home a second or another dog should be carefully considered!

Closest friends

Anyone who likes other puppies should have a few closest friends with whom they will be able to meet regularly. Building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and fun is the basis of proper socialization and an excellent way to meet your dog’s social needs. Finding the perfect playmate for our pupil is not the easiest task. Fortunately, the pooch does not need a whole herd of friends – 3-4 such contacts are enough for him!

Good colleagues …

Spending time with other dogs doesn’t always have to be crazy fun. Normal, friendly relationships are also important for pets! Staying in the company of friends’ dogs, exploring the area together, sniffing each other is a great opportunity to practice social skills. That is why it is so important that even the youngest puppies have regular contact with adult, balanced dogs.

… and ordinary neighbors

Not every pooch encountered on a walk has to become a friend of our four-legged friend. On the contrary – most adult, balanced pets will pass the foreign pooch without much interest. A quick exchange of courtesy, sniffing your tail and returning to your affairs is a doggy equivalent of saying hello to a neighbor we meet near the apartment, with whom we have little in common. It is important that our pooch be able to behave in this way, not get excited about the sight of each passing dog and not behave aggressively. After all, not every human or dog wants to meet strangers!

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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