Can a small dog fall victim to a large bird?

    Can a small dog fall victim to a large bird?

    Birds of prey do not pose a threat to humans. However, in the case of dogs, especially the smallest, the matter looks completely different … Can our little quadruped become a victim of a large bird? And how to protect him from such a situation?

    Can a small dog fall victim to a large bird?

    For birds of prey, such as owls or hawks, small dogs are no different from a hare or pheasant. They seem a tempting, quite slow victim! Even the presence of a guardian is often not a sufficient obstacle to hunting for such easy prey. On the Internet you can find the tragic stories of tiny pets – Pomeranian, Chihuahuas, York – kidnapped by claws of a bird of prey and taken blue.

    However, you don’t have to take your dog to the meadow to expose you to a bird attack. Also neighborhood magpies and crows can attack our pet. Especially when they want to defend the nest or scare the quadruped from their prey. Even on the dog runs, you can meet larger or smaller flocks of crows, who are lurking for treats scattered for the dog and … are ready to fight for a quadruped! We do not realize that these seemingly harmless birds are also equipped with hard beaks, which can hurt a dog by injuring its eye or nose. Can you protect your pet from them?

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    How to protect a dog so that it does not become a victim of a large bird?

    Caretakers of large quadrupeds can sleep peacefully – their pupils will not tempt bird predators. Also urban birds will quickly run away at the sight of a running dog the size of a Labrador or even a beagle. However, having a pet weighing less than 10 kilograms, we should remember the most important rules that will protect the pooch from the attack of a winged predator.

    • When walking in the meadow or near the forest, always have your dog next to you so that you can be seen from afar. The presence of a human right next to a potential prey usually effectively discourages the hawk from attacking.
    • A group of running, tiny dogs poses more attention to predators than a single toddler. Try to invite some larger, friendly quadrupeds to the walking group to provide additional protection against bird attacks.
    • Do not feed the birds in the garden. It will also attract large birds such as crows. They can attack your pet running around the garden in defense of the poured food. If you really want to feed small birds, install a feeder that the larger ones will not get to and place it away from the place where the small pet is.
    • Do not spread dog delicacies on the catwalk. This can be not only the cause of dog brawls – for crows it is an invitation to dinner that is worth fighting for!

    Remember – birds are under protection!

    All birds of prey living in Poland are strictly protected. This means that they must not be killed, mutilated, disturbed, disturbed or destroyed. On the other hand, crows, hawks and magpies are under partial protection – they are also not allowed to scare or hurt. Therefore, even if the birds of prey are a real torment for you and your little pet, you must not chase them away, let alone poison them!

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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