Can a dog jump into a pile of autumn leaves?

    Can a dog jump into a pile of autumn leaves?

    Running up and jumping up made of plundered autumn leaves is a game liked not only by children! Domestic quadrupeds also like to roam in such mounds, run along them in a mad rush and treat them as a perfect place for antics with their canine buddy. However, such games are not as safe as we might think … Why shouldn’t we encourage dogs to such madness?

    What might be hiding in a pile of autumn leaves?

    Mounds made of fresh leaves are relatively safe for dogs. Provided that there are no large branches hidden in them, against which a running pooch could fall over or even break his paw! Old piles of rotting leaves can hide various bacteria and creatures that are harmful to dogs. Therefore, pets with more sensitive skin prone to allergies should stay away from them. Fungi and molds can cause rashes, severe itching, and even cause dermatitis. Puppies roaming in such piles of leaves may also find the remains of moldy food and be exposed to serious poisoning or step on glass hidden in the leaves and cut their paws.

    A mountain of autumn leaves can be inhabited!

    Autumn leaf mounds are a common wintering destination for many animal species. Hedgehogs, ticks and even snakes can hide under the isolating pile of leaves! You will not find such tenants in the mounds looted on the estate lawn, but when taking your dog for an autumn walk in the forest, it is worth remembering that a pooch romping on the leaves may not wake a scared animal, but even risk a serious bite.

    And the leaves raking in the garden?

    If you have a garden and your pooch is a fan of running into piles of leaves you’ve stolen, you can let him have such fun. Just make sure that you do not put branches, glass or other debris dangerous for your pet in the mound along with the leaves. Also check if any wild animals have decided to hibernate in your garden, the meeting of which could be dangerous for your pet!

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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