Can a dog get separation anxiety through # stay home?

Can a dog get separation anxiety through # stay home?

Every Pole has already heard that during the world epidemic it is better not to leave home without a pressing need. The current situation causes problems for the caretakers of quadrupeds … And there may be even more! Action # become a home is the perfect moment for our pet to have separation anxiety. How to prevent this?

#stay at home

Not taught to stay alone at home, pooch is a real nuisance. For longing for their guardian, domestic animals can bark and squeal, get rid of wherever they go, and even demolish the whole apartment. Fighting such behavior can be unusually long … That is why every freshly baked pooch guardian from the very beginning should practice with the quadruped to stay calm at home. However, how to do it now, when leaving the house is extremely inadvisable? Here are some tips to help you minimize the risk of separation anxiety in your dog – even if you are still at home!

#stay at home
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Close all doors

Even the smallest studio apartments have at least a toilet door. When you go to a room where you can close the door behind you, do it from time to time, leaving the pooch behind the door. Of course, locking up in the kitchen, other room or toilet will not fully replace the exit from the house. However, thanks to this your quadruped will receive at least a substitute for what happens when you are not in the same room with him.

Get ready to leave

After quarantine, your pooch will quickly learn, which means putting on your starting jacket and other shoes than walking shoes. That is why it is worth to make your pet less sensitive to these activities now, even when you are not going anywhere. You can also open the front door and ask the dog not to run out onto the staircase. This will prevent future jerking with the dog, who is convinced that each opening the door means a walk.

Peel off the wet adhesive tape

Constantly asking for stroking, bringing a toy, and stubborn climbing on your knees can be evidence of excessive attachment. A doggy who cannot find a job other than forcing his guardian is more likely to experience separation anxiety. With such an adhesive, we should try to provide the dog with other, independent entertainment – licking the congo, solving puzzles – and sometimes ignore his teasing.

Teach your dog useful things

The dog, who knows the basic commands, is calm on a daily basis and knows how to use the kennel cage, he can cope easier in the absence of the guardian. Thanks to the „stay” command, we can not let the dog follow us step by step, and teach him that in a cozy den he can feel safe, even without a man in sight.

Through # stay home, will my dog ​​suddenly get separation anxiety?

Pets who have never been home alone without a problem should not have a problem with that. And even if their guardian spends several months with them without any separation. However, even in this case, it is worth shutting up the dog in the toilet and treating him with durable chews to eat in isolation. We should also try not to direct our attention without interruption to the quadruped and take care of, for example, reading a book, cleaning or other household activities at which the dog will not be able to accompany us without interruption.

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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