Bring the ball! How to teach a dog to retrieve?

Bring the ball! How to teach a dog to retrieve?

Why a ball, not a stick? Retrieving is associated with bringing a stick. It’s convenient because the poles are almost always at hand. But such fun is very dangerous. Vets know something about this because many dogs get to them and they hurt themselves in this way: they cut their mouth or even in the eye. In a crazy game it’s easy to choke on an elongated object. In addition, a splinter may stick to the mouth.

Progress in training is not conducive to using a stick, because instead of bringing it, the dog may prefer to bite it. And then even the prize we have prepared for him may turn out to be less attractive than the prospect of chewing on a small poppy. Therefore, for retrieving, always use a safe rubber toy – large enough that the animal is not in danger of choking, and small enough that the dog would be comfortable carrying it in its mouth.

If our pet has already got used to bringing a stick, let’s try to encourage him to abandon him for the toy. Let’s show him at home first and let’s play with him. He will definitely like her right away!

The owner tosses the ball

  1. Show the dog the ball by walking briskly. When he is interested in her – he will start staring at her and jump to her – throw her as far as possible behind you.The owner runs away, the dog chases him
  2. As soon as the dog catches up and catches the ball, start running, while summoning a pet. He will probably not abandon his achievements, but will chase you with the ball in his mouth.The owner exchanges the ball for a toy
  3. When the dog catches up with you, turn around and show him the treat close enough to interest him and try to reach his mouth – he will drop the ball. Pick up the toy and give the dog a treat.
Author: Dorota Jastrzębowska

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