Before you buy a labrador –

Before you buy a labrador -

Labrador retriever is a large, heavy, weighing 30-40 kg, very strong and extremely lively dog. If not properly brought up and trained, it can cause considerable trouble. He’ll easily knock you down during an enthusiastic greeting. During walks, he will pull his hand out and pull the owner where he wants, which can be very dangerous especially in winter on slippery pavement. He will also be happy to greet strangers by jumping on them with muddy paws …

A walk or … a hole in the wall

A dog of this breed needs a lot of movement and mental activities. Will not be satisfied with a 15-minute walk around the block. An adult Labrador must be provided with at least one 2-hour walk every day, during which he will be able to run and work. A happy labrador is a running labrador. If we don’t give him a chance to discharge energy in a controlled way, he will have to deal with it himself – he will eat a sofa, scratch a hole in the wall …

Labrador doesn’t need a house with a garden. Instead, he needs an owner who has the time and the desire to train him. A run labrador can stay home alone for eight hours.


Not all breeders notice differences in the condition and disposition of Labradors with different colors. However, according to Beata Radomska from Górska Fantazja kennel, the most healthy and resistant are black labs. They are less likely to get ear diseases and even moult less. Biscuits tend to have skin problems such as eczema and allergies. Chocolate – due to the recessive gene – can be very different, but generally it is more difficult for dogs with this coat to have good health and mental stability.

Mud baths and dead mice

Labradors love water – in any form … They will have a great time at the river or lake, but they will not give up splashing in a stinking puddle or even dipping in a dirty puddle. Fortunately, this love of water usually translates into willingly having a bath or shower.

Dogs of this breed are covetous – always hungry and looking with longing eyes at everything that is suitable for food. This feature is extremely useful during training, because for a tiny delicacy they will gladly do what we ask for. However, be careful not to fatten the dog, because labradors, unfortunately, tend to gain weight. Their covetousness is also manifested in the fact that every dirty thing found on a walk – horse poop or dead mouse – is a delicacy for them.

Chocolate Labrador
photo: Shutterstock

Hair under eggshell

Twice a year Labradors moult intensively. For several weeks, a huge amount of hair is thrown in every corner of the house. Dog owners of this breed maintain that they even find it under the shell of a hard-boiled egg …


Although the Labrador needs a lot of movement, due to the threat of dysplasia do not allow the puppy to mad races. Do not overdo it with the fun of retrieving with a young dog of this breed, because a sharp start and sharp braking cause overloading of the joints. Remember that a Labrador is not a sprinter, but an animal bred for a quiet, long-term work: tracking, bringing – and try to provide such activities instead of running around without aim.

You won’t be the one

Labrador loves all people, and especially those who want to play with him or have something good in his pocket. He is fond of children, but one should not forget that such a large and strong dog can push a child unintentionally, fall over or crush it with its weight. Usually there is no problem with leaving the lab for some time with family or friends – you will not be staring at the door longingly. It’s convenient, but also often frustrating for the owner who would like to be irreplaceable.

Many people planning to buy a Labrador think that they are above average intelligent animals that are already perfectly raised by nature. Nothing could be more wrong! They will be like that only if we devote enough time to them and … we teach them to be.

Author: Krystyna Habryń


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