Bacon for the dog. Can a dog eat bacon?

Bacon for the dog. Can a dog eat bacon?

Bacon is a favorite delicacy of many people. After all, there is no better, truly filling breakfast than scrambled eggs on crispy bacon! When preparing dishes containing this fatty ingredient, we can see that it is equally tempting for our four-legged pupil … However, can we share bacon with a clear conscience and will it be safe for the pet? Can a dog eat bacon? Let’s see!

What is bacon?

To find out if bacon is the right snack for a home quadruped, we need to take a closer look at its composition. Pork bacon available in stores is fat tissue overgrown with muscles. On average, it consists of 10% protein and 53% fat. Raw bacon can be cooked, baked, smoked or fried with salt or other spices and additions.

can the dog eat bacon
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Can a dog eat bacon?

Bacon is a really tasty snack for a dog – certainly no quadruped can resist it. However, when giving a dog such greasy delicacies you really have to be careful! Too much fat in the diet of a pet will not only lead to obesity that is dangerous to health. It can also cause severe diarrhea or even serious pancreatic disease, which will require long-term treatment. In addition, the spices and salt used to prepare the bacon-containing dishes can be harmful to the dog and result in digestive system disorders, kidney loads, and even severe intoxication.

If we are not able to refuse the pet this greasy snack, we must be careful. The bacon served to the dog should be primarily raw, free of spices and other additives. Very small amounts of bacon, occasionally served to a pooch, can, however, be a healthy addition to his diet. Pork fat contains ingredients valuable for dogs, such as omega-6 fatty acids. It is rich, among others, in arachidonic acid, which is crucial for the health of four-legged pets. However, too frequent administration of bacon to the dog will have more negative than positive effects. Therefore, the dog can eat bacon, but you need to be reasonable and moderate!

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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