Are you left with toilet paper rolls? So use them to have fun!

    Are you left with toilet paper rolls? So use them to have fun!

    More time with the dog at home, less on walking outdoors … What’s more, not everyone has the conditions to go with the dog in the „outback”, walk longer and play. Many dog ​​guardians during the epidemic threat, not wanting to risk, can only afford shorter walks with the dog on the outskirts of the estate for a dog’s need. And the dog carries energy. What to do? Tire your dog’s mind at home! Very simple things can help you with this: toilet paper rolls and paper towels. Do not throw them away, but collect them and organize your pet great home fun!

    Why bother the dog mentally?

    A dog who is mentally tired is not only calmer but also happier. Working with the nose is a lot of fun for the quadruped. If you organize olfactory games for him, you will help him to use the energy that distributes him well. But how to do it at home, when you do not have any interactive toy or olfactory mat? Just collect toilet paper rolls! Often the simplest toys are the best.

    Sometimes so little is enough to move a dog’s mind. Just take a roll, pour treats into it and close it on two sides. Doggy will try to get some treats. If he succeeds, let him hear what a good, wonderful, smart dog he is!

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    „Sniff-search” game

    Rolls after toilet paper – or slightly larger after paper towels – can also be used to play in the search. Give the dog a command to stay in another room. If he can’t stand it, let a family member watch him or just close the door. The point is for the pooch not to see how you organize his fun.

    Put the treats in the rolls and close the rolls on both sides, bending the ends inwards. Then bury the rollers in different places, e.g. behind the curtain, behind the sofa, etc. In such a way that the dog cannot see them, but can find them with his nose. Call the dog – and let it seek! Praise your pet whenever he finds a treasure. The dog will also have to think about how to get to the treats that are inside. They will be a reward for him for the work done. Praise him every time he accomplishes his task. Have fun both!

    Attractive boxes

    Place the rollers vertically, side by side, in a large box – e.g. in a larger shoe box. You will also need material for this fun. Cut it into smaller pieces, in which you leave dog treats. Lay them in empty rolls so that some material protrudes at the top. The idea is that the dog can pull the material and pull it out, and then develop and eat the delicacy placed inside. Keep an eye on your fun and praise all the time when the dog is doing its job well.

    You can also arrange the rolls with the flavors side by side in a box, but then close them on each side. The dog will have to think about how to pull out the roll and get to the treat. But you can do it another way: just throw the treats into the box first, and then cover them with rolls, without any stacking. The dog will look for food by pulling the rollers out of the box. This is just fun!

    Something for the more advanced

    Do you want to make it more difficult to play? Take a small cardboard box and a few rolls of paper. The rollers should be cut on one side so that they form a kind of sunlight. The idea is to make the rolls more stable when you put them in the carton. They should be placed very closely next to each other. Paper rolls arranged in this way, hooked up with rays, are much more difficult to pull out, so the fun can take more time. The four-legged friend must, of course, remove them all to get to the treats located at the bottom of the box.

    It is worth spending time with this dog on this type of play. It will also allow caregivers not to think about epidemic fears and to stress less. Take your rollers in your hand and enjoy your presence at home!

    Author: Agnieszka Czylok


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