Are you going on holidays? Do you know how to feed your dog away?

Are you going on holidays? Do you know how to feed your dog away?

There is nothing better than a vacation spent with the family. On your holiday trip also can not miss your beloved quadruped – especially if you plan to spend this free time in the bosom of nature. Taking your pet with you requires proper preparation. Also those related to his nutrition. How to feed your dog away, so that it has energy for trips? Here are some of the most important rules for feeding dogs on vacation.

Remember to stock up

Even if the place for your holiday that you chose is not far from civilization and you can easily find shops in the area, it is worth buying pet food before you go. Thanks to this you will avoid having to buy low quality food. The amount of food you take with you should depend on the duration of the trip. You don’t have to take a whole sack of food or a dozen or so packs of cans with you. However, it’s worth to pack two or three additional daily servings of food. This way, if your vacation is extended, your person will be as well protected as possible.

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How many times a day do you feed your dog on vacation?

During the trip, you should feed your pet according to the scheme used at home. If the pooch was used to two or three meals at fixed times, he should continue to get food at the appointed time. By sticking to this system, you will avoid hungry vomiting in your dog and increase your pet’s sense of security in a new place. We should depart from this rule only when the meal time falls just before the planned activity, for example, a long walk in the mountains or swimming in the lake, because the full-fed pooch should rest for at least an hour after the meal.

What to feed the dog away?

If you have a pooch with a sensitive stomach, you should not change his karma while you are away. The desire to make a pet quadruped may end up in serious stomach upset … And in a small town or abroad it will not be easy to find a good veterinarian. However, if your pet does not have to be on a special diet and you plan to spend a very active holiday with him, you can look for more energy for him. However, you must remember that you should gradually switch your dog to a new diet – at least a week before leaving.

Semi-moist food

One of the foods that works great during the holidays is semi-moist dog food Luger’s salmon with cod. It is an excellent source of easily digestible protein derived from selected fish and valuable vitamins. It also contains functional additives, such as salmon oil, glucosamine, and herbs and fruits that will support our pet’s immune system and the health of his joints. Due to the unique, semi-moist consistency, this product combines the taste of wet food and the ease of dry dosing. You can buy food in small, 2-kg bags, which makes it easier to pack the amount you need for your holiday trip.

Wet food

Wet food is also a common choice for dog owners going on vacation with their pets. It is not only an extremely tasty meal. Thanks to the high water content, it will provide additional hydration for the animal on hot days. During departure and travel, the best solution will be wet food in convenient and light sachets. It is available in such packaging wet dog food Dolina Noteci Superfood. This cereal-free food is up to 80% of meat enriched with valuable functional additives. Its composition includes, among others, beer yeast supporting immunity, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, caring for the animal’s joints, as well as linseed, which regulates the digestive system.

How to store food during departure?

If you are going to a hotel on holiday, you will not have the slightest problem with storing quadruped food, especially if a fridge is available in the hotel room. However, when planning a vacation in a tent or summer cottage, you need to consider the possible presence of insects and pests. In such conditions, you should additionally secure dog food. A bag of food or sachets should be placed in a zippered travel bag or backpack. You can also seal your dog food in an airtight plastic or metal container.

How to feed a dog on vacation?

Feeding a dog on vacation is not a big challenge. Provided that you consider all aspects of it before you leave. The selection of the right food that will provide the dog with the energy he needs during his holidays and will take care of his health, as well as its safe storage and determining the best time of meals are the most important issues that should be taken care of by every responsible guardian of a pet.

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