Allergy dog ​​diet –

Allergy dog ​​diet -

A well-chosen diet is able to provide the right amount of nutritional value, as well as alleviate or even suppress bothersome allergic symptoms.

Josera – the best way out for an allergic dog

Allergy to certain food ingredients can significantly reduce a dog’s comfort and well-being. Like humans, this leads to many sacrifices and limitations with which to learn to function. In the case of dogs, however, it is more difficult to explain to the animal that they should not eat certain products, as this may cause stomach problems or diarrhea.

The solution is to use special food that does not contain allergens and works well with food disorders. Among the products available on the market is high quality Josera SensiAdult. This is easily digestible food, adapted to active dogs, which simultaneously regulates the digestive system and contains L-carnitine and taurine.

Thanks to this, the dog receives a nutritious meal, rich in proper nutritional values ​​and microelements. These ingredients are prepared with the utmost care and adapted to sensitive dog stomachs. We can use karma without fear Josera SensiAdult in the daily diet.

How to recognize an allergy?

Dogs, like humans, may have symptoms of intolerance to a food. They take a variety of forms, such as fatigue, weakness or a decrease in performance and form. If your dog, which until now has been active and full of life, suddenly becomes depressed and overly calm, then it may have problems digesting food ingredients. Symptoms such as pruritus, dermatitis, oral mucosa, diarrhea, cramps and even cardiac dysfunction may also occur.

Neglecting the first premises can lead to more serious consequences, such as anaphylactic shock. Properly selected karma, such as Josera SensiAdult, is a solution tailored to the highest requirements.

Josera – many years of experience and help with any problem

Our dog may suffer from intolerance to various types of food ingredients. The most common are allergies to poultry, protein, beef, milk, fish, dust mites and various types of pollen.

In company feeds Josera all allergens have been eliminated to provide the dog with adequate comfort and improve his health. Well-chosen food helps to alleviate intolerance or allergies and, as a consequence, improve the dog’s quality of life.

The article was created in cooperation with Josera


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