A sausage for the dog. Can the dog eat sausage?

A sausage for the dog. Can the dog eat sausage?

This meat delicacy is present at every fire and family barbecue. The unique taste and smell are also tempting by home-made quadrupeds, who are staring at the sausage as in the picture! However, is it a good idea to treat your pet with sausage? Can the dog eat sausage?

What does the sausage contain?

The traditional composition of sausage is seasoned and salted pork. However, more and more often other types of meat (beef, veal, poultry, game) and offal are used in its production. The shredded meat packed in a sausage or cellulose casing may be cooked, steamed or raw, although the sausages are most often smoked or dried. Depending on the type, the content of individual nutrients may vary. They contain 35-72% water, 30-50% fat, 15-25% protein and negligible amounts of carbohydrates.

They also differ significantly in terms of calorific value – the leanest ones have only 200 kcal / 100 g, the most fatty even about 400 kcal / 100 g. Sausages can also contain various additives, such as salt, garlic, marjoram, pepper or even spicy spices. All this makes the sausage an excellent, filling snack that does not require time-consuming preparation. However, can it also be found on a dog’s plate?

Can the dog eat sausage?

Pork itself is not harmful to dogs. However, heavily salted, fatty sausages will not be healthy for your pet. Frequent feeding of your dog with sausage can cause obesity, diarrhea, indigestion and even pancreatic problems. Spices such as garlic, pepper and onion in sausages can also lead to serious poisoning in a pet. Even slightly spoiled, old or poorly stored sausages are also a source of harmful bacteria that secrete toxic compounds. Therefore, this meat delicacy should not be part of your four-legged pet’s diet!

If you absolutely want to treat your dog to this type of product, choose lean, boiled sausages. We can cut them into parts adapted to the size of our pet, so that the dog eating them greedily does not choke on them. And of course, let’s not overdo it!

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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