A pet on the go is pure pleasure. Take your dog on vacation!

    A pet on the go is pure pleasure. Take your dog on vacation!

    Do not hesitate and take your dog on vacation! However, before you go on a trip, make sure that your pet has up-to-date vaccinations – especially the obligatory vaccines against rabies. Attach a tag to the collar or harness, preferably an engraved tag (twisted, cylinder-shaped tags often get unscrewed, and the data hidden inside fall out). In addition to your phone number, you can also put a second one there for someone from the family who stays there.

    Take your dog on vacation – remember that!

    Pack at least a small supply of food to which your pet is used to – nothing spoils the pleasure of carefree lazing around more than upset your pet’s stomach. It is also worth having a folding bowl. Also, don’t forget about the muzzle. But not a soft material in which the dog cannot open its mouth to cool off, but a muzzle with a wide mesh, in which there is enough space to pull out the tongue to its full length and breathe freely!

    Or maybe she prefers to stay?

    If your pet likes to travel, take your dog on vacation. However, if you plan to stay in a large holiday resort, noisy and full of noisy attractions, and your dog is fearful, it may be better to spare him the excess of stimuli. Ask your aunt or other close person that the pet knows and likes if she would care for him in your absence. But she has to be with him all the time, and not stop by for a moment …

    1. Driving a car with air conditioning is not tiring for a dog

    If you don’t have air conditioning, leave a window ajar (preferably not fully open). Make stops: let the dog empty his bladder and stretch his paws. The safest thing is to transport animals in specially adapted transporters, or in certified seat belts. Recently, car seats designed mainly for small and medium-sized dogs have appeared on the market. However, it is quite an expensive solution (prices are usually in the range of several hundred zlotys).

    2. Dogs can be transported on trains, small ones even free of charge

    The condition for free travel is keeping the pet in the carrier. However, you can always transport your pet without a transporter after purchasing a ticket. If other passengers protest against the presence of a pet in the compartment, the conductor is obliged to indicate another seat. This problem does not exist in cars without compartments. Where is our dog not allowed to be? In the restaurant car (unless we have an assistance or guide dog), on the seats and in the sleeping compartments.

    3. Each airline has its own regulations regarding the transport of animals and you must understand them

    When you plan a trip by plane, you will not need to buy a transporter – with the dimensions required by a specific carrier. Larger dogs travel in the hold. Many lines allow you to take a small dog in the cabin, but only on the condition of transporting it in a carrier. Most carriers, however, agree to the presence of only one dog on board, so be sure to check if someone has already reported their intention to take their ward on the same flight.

    4. Whoever suffers from motion sickness knows how his pet feels when he also has this problem

    In the past, it was believed that the pet must not be fed before the trip. However, dogs are easy to vomit, which often happens when a pet is hungry – hence the recommendation to give the dog’s stomach something to digest. This should be a small light meal to help you absorb the medications to control your symptoms. And such drugs should be prescribed by a vet – let’s not experiment with specifics intended for people. Sometimes what helps people harm dogs.

    5. Joint breeding is pure pleasure – provided that we do not overestimate the dogs’ abilities

    Measure your intentions against your pets’ strength and don’t plan too long routes, especially when the temperatures are high. Remember that what is pleasant warmth for us, for a dog can become a heat that is hard to bear. In general, special cooling vests work quite well, preventing the dog’s body from overheating quickly. If you are planning a professional hiking, prepare your pet for him by training with him in advance. It is worth taking paw abrasion remedies, elastic bands and a bandage with you. And, most importantly, be sure to protect your dog with a tick agent!

    6. Useful travel gadgets – not necessary, but they can make it easier

    Cooling mats are available in stores to help our pet endure the journey in the heat. If we are driving a car and we do not want to lock the dog in the carrier, a mat covering the seats, fastened to the backrests of the front seats, will work well. Even if a pet has an unpleasant indisposition, we will not be upset that it has dirty the upholstery – dirt from the mat is very easy to remove.

    Author: Paulina Łukaszewska


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