A healthy dog ​​in spring. Time for technical review!

A healthy dog ​​in spring. Time for technical review!

Spring is a special time especially for owners of decorative dogs – they usually go to a groomer (dog hairdresser) to trim their pet’s fur that has grown in the winter. However, do not rush it. It is better to wait until the long-term weather forecast shows any sudden cooling. However, it should be taken into account that there are queues at the dog’s haircut not less than to the human – so make an appointment in advance. We also need to make sure that our dog is not only beautiful, but above all healthy in the spring!

A healthy dog ​​in the spring, so we are not bathing yet!

Often you can see such a picture: the sun has barely warmed up, the guardian already throws the ball into the water, encouraging him to swim. That’s bad idea! Remember that the water in a pond or lake heats up long, at least a few weeks of sunshine are needed. Let’s not start spring by funding a pet’s illness. It will be time for such games in the middle of summer, and now let’s have a dry retrieve!

What can be seen under the coat

Such a spring shortening of fur is a good opportunity to look at the skin. Even more so if we were not too diligent in winter combing the pet. Especially in dogs with a thick undercoat, burns may have occurred – perhaps the skin needs treatment. Let’s check if there is any redness on it, if it does not peel or look injured. If protuberances form on it, it may mean, for example, ringworm, which also causes hair loss, itching and an odor. In turn, black spots are a symptom of dermatitis – it can be caused by another disease, e.g. hypothyroidism.

It’s time for a manicure

Spring shearing could also reveal fingers and show the world our other winter neglect – long claws. In the summer, when the dog goes for long walks, they usually wear off themselves, but in winter it is different. Now you need to bring the claws in order – but beware, we won’t do it overnight! If they have grown very long, their bloody, pink part also lengthened (it cannot be seen on the black claws!), Which must not be damaged, because it causes bleeding and it hurts a lot. So you have to trim the nails a little bit every week or two. This should be done with special dog accessories (preferably a guillotine), because our clippers can easily crush the claw instead of cutting it. And it’s best to ask a veterinarian for help – once he does it before our eyes and everything will be clear.

Airing of pillows

And since we’re at our feet, let’s take a look at their cushions. If we allowed the dog to walk on salt-covered sidewalks in winter, the pads may be in poor condition. And we know well how difficult it is to walk with a bubble or rubbing on the foot. So if we see that our dog’s pillows are cracked, that they often lick or limp them, do not hesitate to visit the vet. Let’s not force the dog to run on asphalt – if we want it to accompany us when we ride a bike or inline skates, it must be able to run next to the lawn or compacted ground.

When spring does not work on the dog

In the spring, many bitches have a breeze, and there are a lot of other animal smells – if the dog does not react to all this with enthusiasm, but drags his paw on his paw during the spring walk, he probably feels bad. Let’s check his blood and see what’s going on. May the dog welcome the spring well!

Author: Dorota Jastrzębowska


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