7 behaviors that will make your dog angry Never do that!

    7 behaviors that will make your dog angry Never do that!

    Can we unconsciously do something that irritates our client? Many dogs can tolerate all kinds of human behavior, but deep down they hate them! Sometimes a dog’s dissatisfaction is visible to the naked eye, for example when bathing or ignoring playful harassment. However, it will not always be so obvious! What behaviors will make your dog angry? Check it out!

    Behavior that will make your dog angry

    Even the most socialized and tolerant pooch can get angry with their owners for certain behaviors. Of course, some situations like going to the vet or leaving your dog home alone are unavoidable… But some of the behaviors that annoy your dog are easy to avoid! Here are some of them.

    1. Hugging

    For a human being, hugging a loved one is an expression of love and pure pleasure. However, dogs don’t like it at all! Holding the pet, bringing the face close to its mouth, kissing and squeezing it does not give it any pleasure, and even causes discomfort and stress. Most dogs that they know will tolerate this behavior, but they don’t get any pleasure from it. A much better way to enjoy communal closeness is to let your dog lie quietly next to you and pet him without leaning over him.

    2. Driving on walks

    A dog walk is not only an opportunity to do business. The surrounding world is full of interesting smells, information left behind by other pets and places that need peeing. Smelling the environment is one of the most important needs of a dog – without it, he won’t be happy! Draining from sniffing, using a leash that is too short, and constantly rushing around are behaviors that will undoubtedly make your dog angry!

    3. Yelling at the dog

    Domestic pets do not understand all the words we say. However, they can easily recognize the tone of your voice and know perfectly well when you are furious! This alone is enough to make the pooch realize that he has done something wrong. Additional yelling at a dog or hitting a dog for its mistakes can only hurt a sensitive pet. Positive training through rewards is a much more effective method. Thanks to this, you will not only teach your dog to bad things, but also build a real strong relationship with him!

    4. Stupid dressing up

    Putting on clothes for a freezing dog is an essential part of caring for a more delicate pet. But stupid dress-ups don’t make sense! Inconvenient, embarrassing and often heavy outfits will anger everyone, even the most patient pooch. They can also pose a threat to his health and life. Swallowed items such as buttons, bows and other decorations can get stuck in the dog’s intestines and require a surgeon’s intervention.

    5. Using intensely scented agents

    The dog’s sense of smell is incomparably more sensitive than ours. Domestic quadrupeds love to smell various smells and thus get information about their surroundings and objects. However, strong-smelling chemicals, perfumes and deodorants can irritate their sensitive noses! Bathing a dog in flavored shampoos, the use of scented mists on the dog’s hair and the more and more popular „dog perfumes” causes exceptional discomfort for a quadruped, forcing them to constantly feel these artificial smells. Also, when using air fresheners at home or scenting yourself before going to work, try not to do it in the presence of a pooch!

    6. Allowing children to play uncontrolledly with the dog

    Children can be great play companions for pets. However, such interactions should always take place under the watchful eye of an adult! A harsh, amused child may pull the dog’s ear, step on the tail or lie on the pooch … Such behavior will make your dog extremely angry and may force him to react aggressively in self-defense. If you want your child and dog to play safely and enjoyable, teach your toddler how to handle your dog properly and make sure your pet always has the opportunity to stop playing.

    7. Taking your dog to crowded places

    Shopping centers, crowded restaurants and demonstrations are places where almost all pets will not feel comfortable. Often he does not enjoy taking his dog into such a difficult environment! If you want to spend time with your dog in a pleasant way, it is definitely better to choose a quiet, forest stroll, which will perfectly de-stress your pet.

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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