6 things dogs teach us every day

    6 things dogs teach us every day

    Dogs have something in them that gives children a sense of security, and adults peace. Your pet can teach you things that are worth putting into practice. Here are 6 important matters that dogs teach us. Of course there are many more, but we chose the most important ones.

    1. Accept yourself

    Can you imagine a terrier who regrets that he is not a poodle or a pug, who despairs for days that he does not have a body as athletic as a greyhound? Exactly! Instead of accepting themselves as they are, people spend a lot of time comparing themselves to others or finding more flaws within themselves. It’s worth loving yourself and your unique qualities – just like quadrupeds do. Big, small, rounder, slimmer, with a spot on the nose or malocclusion – we love them all! Wouldn’t it be boring in this world if everyone looked and behaved the same? This applies to both animals and people!

    2. Feel compassion

    Many of us experience everyday problems and difficulties, which can be really overwhelming. But then you can always count on your pet who will immediately sense your mood. Dogs can perfectly recognize the emotions of guardians. If you have worse times, the dog will want to do everything to comfort you and forget about your problems for a moment. Everyday life with a dog also teaches us that both animals and people have their own needs. Thanks to this, we also become more sensitive to the harm and needs of others.

    3. Capture the day

    Dogs don’t think about what the future holds. They live here and now. They focus on their needs that they feel at the moment – whether it’s about eating, sleeping or having fun. Try to find joy in small gestures and small things. Dogs are not afraid to show their emotions. Are they excited at the thought of walking or chasing the ball? They show it with all of themselves – they jump, wag their tail, bark. Maybe it is worth taking an example from them and not worry about what will happen, but focus on what is here and now.

    4. Defeat fear with love

    Unfortunately, many dogs suffer human harm. They become distrustful and sometimes aggressive. Still, with a little patience, the right approach and, above all, love, they are able to overcome their fear and uncertainty. Sometimes it takes months, and in other cases even years. Regardless of how long it will take you to „erase” the dog’s difficult past, it’s definitely worth doing. Dogs, despite being hurt, still believe that people can be trusted. Remember that for a shelter dog you are the best that could have happened to him. Love really conquers all, and the first step for us people – as we mentioned before – is self-love. Also, don’t resent off other people, but forgive them.

    5. Be loyal

    Dogs are herd animals. They stick to their package, spend time together, and defend it when needed. There is a golden rule here – treat others as you would like to be treated. The dog is an extremely loyal animal to people. There is a reason why he is said to be man’s best friend. And loyalty is essential when building a strong and lasting friendship. Choose your friends carefully, and once you do, be trustworthy.

    6. Love with unconditional love

    Dogs don’t care what their guardian looks like. They are also not interested in his social status. Dogs don’t love people for having money, but for being there. Dogs teach us that the most important thing is the interior of man. They forgive all the smaller and bigger offenses. Try to transfer it to interpersonal relationships! And you, what did you learn from your dog?

    Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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