5 tips for dog keepers during coronavirus threat

    5 tips for dog keepers during coronavirus threat

    Neither for a walk, nor for training … Can you control a dog that is simply spreading energy during a coronavirus threat? We advise how to sit at home with a dog and not go crazy!

    What to do in the period of coronavirus threat?

    People will always find something to do – and they repaint the kitchen, and they will order a supply of dog food for half a year … Sitting on the sofa and watching TV series with a beloved pet on their knees is also a great thing! Unfortunately for our pets such idyll can quickly become ugly. Deprived of long walks, going out to the dog paddocks, training and playing in the fresh air quadrupeds after a few days will start to be bored. Lack of daily activities may cause that our uneatty pooch will want to unload his frustration in an inappropriate way … How to prevent it? Here are 5 tips for dog carers during coronavirus threat!

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    1. Go for walks to secluded places

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, prolonged exits from the house are inadvisable – strolling around the estate, park or bus ride we expose ourselves and others to coronavirus infection. However, putting a pooch in a car and taking a walk with him into a lonely wilderness will not hurt anyone. While maintaining the basic safety rules, i.e. maintaining a safe distance from people and not touching other people’s animals, you can still arrange parallel suburban walks. We recommend, however, to always lead a quadruped on a leash – if he escapes, his search in this difficult period for everyone can be particularly difficult!

    2. Teach your dog new things

    Nobody said you can’t get tired at home! Instead of directing the animal’s energy into physical activity, think of a way to make him think. In the four walls of the house you can successfully train your pooch nosework, polish elements of obedience or perpetuate already known tricks. The ongoing coronavirus threat period is the perfect opportunity to make a dog a genius. Fatigue Guaranteed!

    coronavirus threat
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    3. Reduce meals

    Less physical activity means less energy demand. Therefore, if due to a pandemic your pet goes for shorter walks and does not participate in previous training, take care of his figure, reducing his daily portion of food. On the other hand, you can supplement smaller rations with various supplements that affect the behavior and health of your pet – you finally have time to measure everything everyday!

    4. Have fun with food

    Eating is a perfect job for your pets. This does not mean that we have to serve it more or more often – all we have to do is serve the meal in an unusual way. Kong filled with wet food will take care of our pet for a long time. Especially if you freeze it well before serving it. The same can be done with a licking mat or even a bowl that slows down food – putting them in the freezer for a few hours will give our pooch even 3 hours of relaxing class! We can also provide a four-legged friend with durable, natural teethers. However, remember to deduct such a snack from your dog’s daily calorie intake.

    5. Do what you never have time for

    Due to constant rush, meetings and shopping, didn’t you have time to cut your pooch’s claws or brush it properly? Now you have no excuse! Minor care procedures, such as cleaning the ears, shortening the claws or combing a dead undercoat often fly out of our heads and it is easy to neglect them. The combination of this type of treatments with prizes or medical training can, despite appearances, be a very pleasant exercise for a quadruped. There is always something to do with the dog!

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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