5 things that a dog knows about you and you wouldn’t want to reveal to anyone else

    5 things that a dog knows about you and you wouldn't want to reveal to anyone else

    Dogs know your mood, where you have been, and even if you are sick. In fact, they know more about you than you think. Especially since at home many people take off their masks and are finally themselves. Here are 5 things that your dog knows about you and which you hope no one else will know.

    1. You fall asleep in your clothes

    A day full of excitement, in a constant run, and when you finally find a moment to rest by the movie, you fall asleep in front of the TV. And in clothes. Well, anyone can happen. Fortunately, only household members know about it. And a dog you can always count on. He will not reveal any of your secrets. What’s more, he will gladly join you.

    2. You will reach after … dog

    You probably got up too late many times. And here you still need to take the dog for a morning walk, get ready to go out and eat breakfast – so many things to do in so little time. In a hurry, you forget to watch your food. And dogs in this topic are no different from cats – they also easily reach the table, where there are tasty morsels. Or they’ll hop on the counter with their front paws just to lick the butter out of the sandwich. How many breakfasts or dinners you ate after a dog, only he really knows. Remember, however, that some products on our menu are toxic to dogs.

    3. You evade Netflix

    Only a dog really knows that you are using Netflix to get out of your next meeting with friends or your duties. Do all your friends watch „The Witcher” or „House of Paper”? You too – at least you tell them that, but only your dog knows it’s not true. In fact, you spent the next evening catching up on a reality show.

    4. You are spying on your ex

    Are you parted and can’t forget about your former / former? Although you tell everyone that you are reconciled with this and you are not interested in what about him / her, you are browsing his / her social media at home. You can’t hide your little obsession from the dog. Fortunately, your pet will not release you. Well, unless while browsing the profile of the former / former by accident he will send an incomprehensible message with his paw.

    5. You have your weaknesses and only the dog knows about them

    The dog knows your worst dance moves, heard you fake singing your favorite songs, and listens to your monologues you give to your mirror image. He probably knows more about you than your friend. And what does the dog say? He accepts you as you are and is always with you. Isn’t that great?

    Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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