5 reasons to adopt an older dog

    5 reasons to adopt an older dog

    When we decide to enlarge the family with a four-legged companion, through the eyes of our imagination we see a puppy tangling under our feet. When choosing a dog, we very often omit the adoption of an older dog for the younger one. This is a mistake! The shelters are full of healthy, active older dogs that need a home. In addition, older dogs have many advantages. You do not believe? Then here are 5 reasons why you should adopt an older dog.

    1. I need a home too

    For that old dog sitting in a shelter stall that hardly anyone looks at, you are the hero. A savior who gave him unimaginable happiness. Many guardians have noticed amazing changes in their pets right after adoption. Especially in those dogs with traumatic experiences who overcame their fear as soon as they were brought to a safe house.

    Older dogs go to the shelter for various reasons – due to the death of their previous guardian, birth of a child, loss of job, allergies or simply … when someone got bored. Nevertheless, they need a home as much as their younger kin. They love and become equally attached to their guardian.

    2. Know what to expect from it

    You don’t like surprises? Then that’s another reason why you should adopt an older dog. This is especially important for mongrels. When deciding on a puppy, you can’t be sure what size it will grow to or what personality it will be.

    This is not the case with older dogs. First, you can see how big the dog is. So you don’t have to worry that a pooch the size of a small terrier will soon become a shepherd dog. Second, you are able to learn something about his past and character. Thanks to this, you can tell immediately if you will be a harmonious duo.

    3. Knows the basic commands …

    „Wisdom comes with age” is a saying that works perfectly with dogs. Older quadrupeds are usually already trained and know basic commands such as „sit”, „stay” or „to me”. Most of them know perfectly well how to walk on a leash. And it makes so much easier!

    Puppies are volcanoes of energy, and learning to obey can be exhausting – after all, it takes a lot more time and patience from us. Older dogs already know that chewing is done with toys, not the handler’s shoes. For them, running children are little people to watch, not wind-up toys to be chased. Life with such an experienced dog is much easier.

    4.… and can still learn new tricks

    Dogs can be trained at any age. However, there is a misconception that an older dog can no longer be learned. Yes, you can! Moreover, older dogs have a calmer temperament and much better concentration than puppies. That is why they learn new tricks better and cooperate with people more willingly.

    5. He is ready for his second youth

    Many people fear the adoption of older dogs. No need! In fact, age doesn’t matter that much. In fact, every older dog has something of a puppy about him. Adult dogs are only able to appreciate the next chance given to them, for which they will be willing to pay back. Many older dogs, right after being adopted, experience their „second youth”. The gratitude and happiness of such a dog cannot be described.

    Would you decide to adopt an older dog? Or have you already done it? Share your experience!

    Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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