4 reasons why you should have a well-behaved dog

    4 reasons why you should have a well-behaved dog

    Training and upbringing a pet is tedious. Especially if we are not experts … No wonder that if our pet is not ideal, it sometimes happens to run away on a walk, bark at dogs or pull on a leash. But it really pays off to train! Why is it worth training a pet to be a well-mannered dog?

    Why is it worth having a well-behaved dog?

    It is impossible to hide – a disobedient pooch can be really cute! Puppies excel in mischief behavior, although the keepers of miniature dogs can also be very indulgent. There is also a belief among some dog lovers that the dog should do whatever it wants, and teaching it various commands and behaviors means taking away its freedom and joy from life. But is it true? Here are 4 reasons why you should have a well-bred dog and why you are actually doing him a huge favor by training your pet!

    1. Walk safely without a leash

    Nobody will deny that a walk without a leash is the greatest pleasure for a pet. Free running, exploring the surroundings and sniffing all the bushes without rushing it is incomparable fun. Not having to keep a dog leash is also convenient for the handler himself. However, not every pooch can enjoy life this way! Many animals unleashed will run away, get into a fight with another dog or eat a smelly snack in the bushes. Therefore, by applying to the learning to summon, appropriate behavior with other quadrupeds and various commands, we will make our pupil be able to fully enjoy the walk, and we will not have to stress!

    2. A doggy in public space

    Would you like to take your pet to a cafe, to work or to visit guests, but you know that your pooch will do a real demolition there? You can easily take a well-mannered dog, who underwent careful socialization in his youth, with you to any dog-loving place. Dogs trained to be calm in the presence of strangers and dogs, knowing the basic commands and able to walk nicely on a leash, can accompany their owners more often and do not have to spend many hours in an empty house. The choice is obvious!

    3. Social meetings

    Dogs are social animals – most of them feel great pleasure from meeting and playing with other pets. Such a doggy nature! Unfortunately, the lack of proper upbringing and socialization often makes the pet react aggressively to other dogs, be persistent or afraid of them. Having a dog with such problems not only takes away the joy of socializing your pet. It also makes it impossible for caregivers who would like to go for a walk with their friends …

    4. Better relationship with the guardian

    Mismatched, problematic doggy can be extremely burdensome for the guardian. Pulling on a leash and having fights with other dogs often takes away all the pleasure of walking together. The whole relationship between the pet and the guardian suffers from the constant struggle with the disobedient charge … Having a well-mannered dog allows you to enjoy every moment spent with the charge and avoid unnecessary stress. The training is also a great opportunity to show the dog that the guardian is not only a weight at the end of the leash and competition that wants to pick up bread found on the lawn, but also a real friend!

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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