Hummus for a dog. Can a dog eat hummus?

Hummus for a dog. Can a dog eat hummus?

Hummus is a dish that – although it has no Polish roots – has become extremely popular in our country. Her biggest fans can be found among vegetarians and vegans. For people, this cream paste is extremely healthy – it contains a lot of fiber, protein and B vitamins. However, not everything that is good for us should be included in our pet’s diet! Can a dog eat hummus? Can we share this unique delicacy with a quadruped?

What is hummus?

To find out if a dog can eat hummus, we need to take a closer look at its ingredients. Derived from the Middle East, the dish is prepared from boiled and grated chickpeas or other legumes. It also includes garlic, sesame paste (tahini), olive oil, lemon juice and various spices.

Can a dog eat hummus
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Can a dog eat hummus?

While chickpeas alone are not dangerous for home pets, the other ingredients of hummus can be harmful to them. Garlic is particularly contraindicated for dogs, which may cause vomiting, diarrhea and severe intestinal irritation. Olive oil can also cause these digestive disorders. Feeding her in small amounts to her dog has a positive effect on his coat’s appearance and skin condition. However, the amount of oil contained in hummus can even cause pancreatic disorders of our pet. More sophisticated versions of this dish may also include lemon, pepper and other spices that can strongly irritate the digestive tract of a home quadruped.

However, if we necessarily want to share the hummus with our four-legged one, when we prepare this snack ourselves, we can create a safe version for it. All you need to do is skip some ingredients dangerous to dogs. Cooked and mashed chickpeas can be seasoned with olive oil only, being careful not to add too much. This paste can be served with vegetables that are safe for the dog – carrots, broccoli or beetroot cooked without salt. Such plant supplements contain valuable fiber and many vitamins, and harder vegetables also help in hygiene of dog’s teeth. So they are healthy for our pets and are a great variety to your daily diet!

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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